The Wizard is Poor

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마법사는 가난해 / The Sorceress is Poor

Elena, an A level wizard who makes money and has a full level of ability. However she has a fatal drawback. “There’s a degree to which this bloody magic discriminates against people.” The drawback was that her magic could only be used with the help of jewels. Because of that, she carries a lot of jewelry for self-defense and not for decoration. One day, an offer comes in. “Will you be with us, wizard?” It was the position of the exclusive wizard of Duke Mayfield, the best in the empire. Elena accepts the position without much consideration, thinking about how to pay off her debt. However, it wasn’t as light of a job as she thought it would be… It’s okay. I’ll kill you all! With the power of jewels! 마법사는 가난해 / The Sorceress is Poor  

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